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Sealants and Adhesives

Here at UKstainless we offer a range of sealants and adhesives suitable for use with all grades of stainless steel. From threadlock and seal products, pannel adhesives to sealants and adhesives for use in the marine and petro chemical industry.

Bondloc B243 Threadlock & Seal 50ml

Bondloc B243 Threadlock & Seal 50mlThis fantastic product from Bondloc is an anaerobic, oil tolerant ...

14.00 inc VAT

Sikaflex 11FC Adhesive & Sealant

Sikaflex 11FC - Multipurpose Adhesive and Joint Sealant. Sikaflex FC (Stands for Fixing and Construction).A ...

11.55 inc VAT

Fix All Crystal (The Crystal Clear M.S. Polymer)

"It's brilliant! Put between 2 panes of glass you would be hard pushed to see it at all"If you need ...

6.01 inc VAT

Stainless Steel Glue / Adhesive

Bondloc's B3294 is a fantastic Stainless Steel Adhesive.Stainless Steel Adhesive and Glue, Bondloc's B3294 ...

4.36 inc VAT

Bondloc Super Glue 50 Gram

Super Glue 50g Cyanoacrylate adhesive (Super Glue) provides high strength, rapid bond to plastic, ...

1.99 inc VAT

Fix All Sealant & Adhesive (M.S. Polymer)

Fix All, Seals and Bonds Classic. Seals All, bonds All! All  types of surfaces all conditions. Perfect ...

4.30 inc VAT

Soudal Fix All High Tack

More than just a sealant!Fix All Seals and Bonds High Tack is a version of Soudal's MS Polymer fix All. ...

5.36 inc VAT

Sikaflex 512 Caravan Sealant & Adhesive 300ml

Sikaflex 512 Caravan sealant and adhesive has been specifically developed for use on Caravans and ...

8.75 inc VAT

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Fischer Power-Fast Stainless Steel Woodscrews

Fischer Fixings Power-Fast Wood ...

5.61 inc VAT

Stainless Steel Glue / Adhesive

Bondloc's B3294 is a fantastic ...

4.36 inc VAT

A2 Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screws

A2 Grade Stainless Steel Cap ...

2.00 inc VAT

A2 Stainless Steel Penny Washers M4 to M30

A2 Grade Stainless Steel Penny ...

3.00 inc VAT

A2 Pozi Countersunk Self Tapping Screws

A2 Grade Stainless Steel Pozi ...

0.80 inc VAT