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Sikaflex 295 UV!!

Sikaflex 295 UV Marine window sealant & adhesive has been specially formulated for marine applications where resistance to direct sunlight is required.

It has also been designed for bonding polycarbonate or acrylic windows or hatches. Tried and tested for years, Sika's 295 uv is a high quality product from one of the world's leading manufacturers of marine sealants and adhesives.

Prices from £16.13 + VAT we are sure we offer the best value online!

Applications for Sikaflex 295 UV Marine Sealant:

  • Sealing of joints in glass and glazing
  • Sealing of joiunts in Ceramics
  • Sealing of joints between metals
  • Joints between fiberglass materials
  • Joints where the sealant is exposed to direct sunlight

Advantages & Benefitsof Sika 295uv Marine Window Adhesive:

  • Can be applied where it is in direct sunlight
  • Salt water resistant
  • Fast tack free time
  • Paintable Sealant
  • Sandable sealant
  • Initial load bearing capacity
  • Good gap filling properties / High Tixotropy
  • Non Yellowing

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